Welcome to the American Hospital Association’s Team Training Program featuring TeamSTEPPS®

Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS®) is an evidence-based set of tools for optimizing patient outcomes by improving communication and teamwork among health care professionals. It includes a comprehensive set of ready-to-use materials and a training curriculum to successfully integrate teamwork principles into any health care system.

Teams working with American Hospital Association faculty have improved communication and teamwork in their organizations through courses, webinars, an annual national conference and community support and engagement.

If you have questions, please reach out to the AHA team at TeamTraining@aha.org or call 312-422-2609.



The Cornerstone of AHA’s Team Training Program

Team Strategies and Tools to Enhance Performance and Patient Safety (TeamSTEPPS) is an evidence-based set of teamwork tools designed to optimize team function, and ultimately patient outcomes. The Master Training Course is a 2-day in person course with an orientation to train-the-trainer utilizing games, scenarios and activities. This approach allows participants to experience and learn the TeamSTEPPS fundamental content, and provides established resources and the skills to create training strategies, events and learning experiences. This course is taught by, and produces, Master Trainers.

Regional Training Centers

At the core of the National Implementation are five Regional Training Centers at (from East to West):

  • Northwell Health, New Hyde Park, New York.
  • Duke Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina.
  • MetroHealth, Cleveland, Ohio.
  • University of Washington, Seattle.
  • University of California, Los Angeles.

These centers offer Master Training courses to create a national network of Master Trainers, who will in turn offer TeamSTEPPS training to frontline providers in hospitals and other health care settings throughout the country. The TeamSTEPPS Master Training course is geared toward individuals who are looking to implement TeamSTEPPS at their facility.

Course Dates and Locations

There are no requirements to attend this course although it is recommended for participants to come with 2-3 team members if feasible. Registration for the following courses will be opened in early 2018. 

Location Date
Duke April 19-20
MetroHealth May 3-4
UCLA May 10-11
Northwell May 14-15
Northwell July 9-10
UCLA August 23-24
MetroHealth       October 4-5
Duke November 8-9








Course dates for the University of Washington will be forthcoming.

Registration Cost and Refund Policy

The registration fee is $600 per person. This also includes course materials, continental breakfast and lunch each day. Participants will receive a Master Trainer certificate. 

A course fee is due upon registration. If you cannot attend the course you may send a substitute, by emailing TeamTraining@aha.org. If you must cancel entirely, your request for a refund – minus a $250 processing fee – must be made in writing to TeamTraining@aha.org no later than 10 business days prior to a course. Refunds will be processed within two weeks of the request. Cancellations made within 10 business days of a course will not be eligible for a refund. In the unlikely event that this course is cancelled, AHA’s Team Training Program will provide a refund for the registration but is not responsible for non-refundable items such as airfare and hotel costs.


If you have questions, please reach out to the AHA team at TeamTraining@aha.org or call 312-422-2609.



Free Training Opportunities Every Month

AHA’s Team Training Program offers the TeamSTEPPS® community monthly webinars at no cost. The webinar series features new speakers and content each month. If you’re interested in serving as a webinar presenter, please complete a webinar proposal.

Upcoming Webinars

January 10 Webinar: Physician Engagement in TeamSTEPPS and Patient Safety

As TeamSTEPPS becomes implemented into the health care environment, it can be challenging to sustain efforts without physician engagement and continual involvement. Join us on Wednesday, January 10 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. ET for a webinar titled, “Physician Engagement in TeamSTEPPS and Patient Safety.” As vital members of the care team, physicians must not only be stakeholders, they must model the techniques and behaviors being implemented in your facility. Due to ever increasing demands on a physician’s time and attention it may be difficult to obtain initial buy-in to training. Physicians may also not see the value or need to add TeamSTEPPS to an already complex care environment. John Nunes, M.D., Chief Safety and Quality Officer for St. Charles Health System lectures nationally on the topic of physician engagement in TeamSTEPPS and offers insight into the removal of barriers to physician involvement. He will discuss the current state of health care and how that can influence your attempts at engaging physicians. This presentation will discuss experience in dealing with an intergenerational workforce and its relevance to team dynamics.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Detail the concepts of patient safety from the physician perspective and how that affects engagement.
  2. Discuss techniques to demonstrate the need for TeamSTEPPS to your physician community in order to improve patient safety.
  3. Demonstrate the development of physician champions through individually relevant communication styles with an intergenerational medical staff.

There is no cost to participate. Register for this webinar.

February 14 Webinar: Brain Based Strategies to Improve Process Improvement Deployment and Health Care High Reliability 

In order to advance patient safety, organizations must identify, prevent and contain threats to patients but at the same time, anticipate that threats will emerge and have systems in place poised to rescue and recover once containment infrastructure fails. Join us on Wednesday, February 14 from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. ET for a webinar titled, “Brain Based Strategies to Improve Process Improvement Deployment and Health Care High Reliability.” This is the core value of Highly Reliable Organizations that health care must utilize to achieve as close to zero harm as is humanly possible. To this end, High Reliability Organizing must be embedded in operations and process improvement efforts. This webinar, presented by Oren Guttman, MD, MBA, CHSE, CPPS, High Reliability Officer at UT Southwestern, will demonstrate the latest best practice techniques in how to leverage our current understanding of human cognitive architecture to design more successful change paradigms for process improvement efforts in health care to achieve Higher Reliability.   

Learning Objectives:
  1. Demonstrate specific brain based strategies to engage participant in new initiatives (K1 Reactions).
  2. Review how to leverage our current understanding of the human cognitive architecture to improve learning (K2 Learning).
  3. Understand the psychobiology of social influence in human choice (K3 Behavioral Change).
There is no cost to participate. Register for this webinar.

Webinar Library

December 6 Webinar: Enhancing Patient Engagement Using TeamSTEPPS Tools

Engaging patients as partners in care is an essential element for effective teamwork and communication. TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based model designed to improve team function and patient outcomes. Join us on Wednesday, December 6, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm ET for a webinar titled “Enhancing Patient Engagement Using TeamSTEPPS Tools.” The webinar presenter will be Sue Collier, MSN, RN, FABC, Clinical Content Development Lead from the American Hospital Association. Sue is a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer and a nationally recognized expert in patient and family engagement who can provide practical examples of how to use the TeamSTEPPS tools and strategies to promote patient partnerships.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how the TeamSTEPPS framework and principles can support patient and family engagement efforts.
  2. Detail how three TeamSTEPPS tools can be adapted to engage patients as team members.
  3. Discuss ways to overcome barriers and enhance success in integrating TeamSTEPPS and patient engagement principles in the clinical setting.


November 8 Webinar: Integrating TeamSTEPPS® into Simulation and Team Debriefing

TeamSTEPPS provides a functional model for the development of interprofessional collaboration, and simulation experiences offer learners the chance to apply the principles and strategies in a safe environment. Knowledge and application of TeamSTEPPS® principles are scaffolded through curricula by integrating TeamSTEPPS behaviors into simulation and debriefing. The webinar presenters are James Carlson, PhD, PA-C, CHSE, the Vice President for Interprofessional Education and Simulation and Bill Gordon, DMin, a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer and an instructor in the Department of Interprofessional Healthcare Studies, both of whom are faculty members at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe how a health professions university or program can integrate foundational TeamSTEPPS training in an interprofessional model.
  2. Describe methods for scaffolding foundational TeamSTEPPS principles into simulation-based education and assessment.
  3. Utilize TeamSTEPPS principles and strategies as a method for debriefing and professional development in simulated encounters.
  4. Describe outcomes related to simulation-based TeamSTEPPS training and Interprofessional Education.

Download the webinar slides here.

October 19 Webinar: Demystifying HROs with TeamSTEPPS®

Thinking about becoming a Highly Reliable Organization (HRO) is at the front of many in health care’s minds these days. Becoming an HRO isn’t just another initiative. Instead, it is a journey that needs to be supported by leadership and owned by all members of the organization. This takes time and a serious commitment to culture change. However taking the first steps to being an HRO doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult if you support it with TeamSTEPPS®. In this webinar, the five principles of HROs will be discussed through the lens of the TeamSTEPPS. Each principle will be supported by specific TeamSTEPPS tools that you can use to begin your journey to high reliability. The webinar’s presenters are Marcia Cooke, DNP, RN-BC, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing at Northern Illinois University and Chris Hund, MFA, Director of the new AHA Team Training Program.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Detail the five principles of being a Highly Reliable Organization.
  2. Connect TeamSTEPPS tools to HRO principles.
  3. Describe how TeamSTEPPS in helpful in moving an organization to being highly reliable.

Download the webinar slides here.

Check back here for upcoming monthly webinars or sign-up to receive alerts and updates.

If you have questions, please reach out to the AHA team at TeamTraining@aha.org or call 312-422-2609.

National Conference

Mark Your Calendars: June 20-22 in San Diego for the 2018 Team Training National Conference

The Team Training National Conference delivers techniques, tools and innovative ideas that help health care professionals to successfully implement TeamSTEPPS® and improve patient safety. The conference programming ranges from pre-conference sessions to keynote presentations to concurrent presentation panels. Networking opportunities and poster sessions allow participants to connect and learn with peers.

The mission of the conference is to bring techniques, tools and new ideas to assist health care professionals in successfully implementing TeamSTEPPS. Innovation is a key element in mapping the future of TeamSTEPPS and the changing health care environment. There is no better setting to experience the impact of TeamSTEPPS in various clinical and non-clinical settings, while making invaluable contacts with old and new colleagues.


Registration for the 2018 AHA Team Training National Conference will open in early 2018.

Check back for more information on how to register and for details about preconference workshops.

register by 3/30/18
register after 3/30/18

Regular $625 $650
Team Rate* $525 $550
Student** $400 $425
Federal Government Rate** N/A $450
Presenters N/A $500
Posters N/A $600

*Teams must be made up of 10 or more employees from the same organization are eligible for the team rate. Any interested teams should have one representative email the list of attendees to TeamTraining@aha.org before registering to receive the discounted rate.
**Must contact TeamTraining@aha.org before registering to receive the discounted rate.

register by 3/30/18
register after 3/30/18
Pre-conference Workshop June 20
$200 $225
Master Training Course June 19-20
$475 $500


Sponsorship Opportunities


Topic Tracks

An agenda will be made available in the coming months. The 2018 conference will feature four topic tracks:

Effective Teaching: Innovative Ways of Bringing TeamSTEPPS to your Team
Health care organizations and teaching institutions are constantly developing innovative ways to teach various types of learners while giving them an opportunity to practice and apply new skills. There has been a shift as organizations move away from didactic learning towards simulation and gaming. Sessions in this track will showcase simulation and gaming tools and techniques to teach, coach and implement TeamSTEPPS.

Connecting the Dots: Making TeamSTEPPS a Lasting Approach
With many competing priorities, it can be a challenge to create a lasting culture change. Instead of viewing TeamSTEPPS as yet another initiative, it can be a vehicle to connect the dots between organizational programs and goals. Sessions in this track will highlight sustainment approaches and new ideas that are not traditionally associated to TeamSTEPPS such as leveraging new technology, working with non-traditional partners and considering innovative approaches. 

Engaging the Team: Patients, Staff, Providers, Leaders and Students
A health care team is made up of many diverse members and it can be a challenge to engage each unique group as the demands in health care increase and are ever changing. How can you provide individuals from each of these groups a sense of ownership in regards to TeamSTEPPS? Sessions in this track will focus on various ways to engage the team including sessions on resistance, burn out, conflict resolution and ownership.

Making the Case: Assessing, Measuring and Implementing TeamSTEPPS across the Continuum
From planning to implementing to measuring impact, use of data increases transparency, accountability and support. This allows organizations to identify and plan strategic TeamSTEPPS initiatives, track progress, detect areas for improvement and tell their TeamSTEPPS story. Sessions in this track will share real-world examples of how to use data to measure outcomes and impact, use tools and methods to identify quantifiable objectives and guide future TeamSTEPPS interventions.



Please contact TeamTraining@aha.org with any questions about the proposal process, your proposal or the AHA Team Training National Conference.

AHA Team Training
Web: www.aha.org/teamtraining
Email: TeamTraining@aha.org
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Materials to Help You on Your Journey


The TeamSTEPPS® curriculum is made available by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and hosted on their website. The curriculum includes:

  • TeamSTEPPS® 2.0
  • TeamSTEPPS® for Office-Based Care Version
  • TeamSTEPPS® Long-Term Care Version
  • TeamSTEPPS® Dental Module
  • Patients with Limited English Proficiency
  • TeamSTEPPS® Rapid Response Systems Guide
  • Training Guide: Using Simulation in TeamSTEPPS® Training

Research and Evidence

Team training including TeamSTEPPS has been published by health care professionals in the United States and abroad. Please follow this link to find a research and evidence base that is cataloged by a variety of topics and clinical disciplines.

Case Studies

Check back soon for more information about how to submit a case study. Please contact TeamTraining@aha.org with any questions.


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AHA Team Training
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