The AHA Advocacy Alliances listed below were created to help you engage your legislators on specific issues that have a direct impact on your ability to continue providing quality health care services in your community.  Alliance activities include special briefing calls and e-mails to keep members up-to-date on key developments, breakout sessions at AHA Advocacy Days, direct member outreach and other issue-specific resources. 


The AHA Advocacy Alliance for Rural Hospitals - Building on the AHA's extensive work on behalf of small and rural hospitals, this alliance focuses on extending key Medicare provisions that would otherwise sunset, including the low-volume hospital payment adjustment, the Medicare-Dependent Hospital Program, Section 508 reclassifications and the outpatient hold harmless.  In addition, the alliance will continue to work to protect Critical Access Hospitals and other rural hospital designations.  For more information, click here.

The AHA Advocacy Alliance for Graduate Medical Education - focuses on advocacy related to GME funding and ensuring an adequate supply of physicians.  This alliance is a joint effort between the AHA and the Association of American Medical Colleges.  For more information, click here.

The AHA Advocacy Alliance for Coordinated Care - focuses on ensuring adequate payment for the higher level of care capability that hospitals provide in the outpatient setting and for post-acute care providers.  It also monitors payment reduction proposals for other care sites.  For more information, click here.

The AHA Advocacy Alliance for the 340B Drug Pricing Program - focuses primarily on promoting the value that the 340B program provides to hospitals, patients and communities, as well as preventing attempts to scale back this program.  For more information, click here.

In addition, The AHA Advocacy Alliance for Provider Assessments works with our partners at the state hospital associations to continue our joint efforts to urge Congress not to restrict this important funding mechanism for the states.  Please contact your state association to learn more.


For questions about these alliances, please call Member Relations at 1-800-424-4301 or visit


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